Buruwi Burra (Three Skies) is an exhibition of three important works by three key Aboriginal artists of their time and place: Paddy Sims Japaljarri, Michael Riley and Archie Moore. Each work is in some way a depiction of a sky. Respectively, the works encapsulate ancient belief, reflection upon the colonisation of ancient belief by Christian dogma and questions of contemporary nationhood and identity stemming from 19th Century anthropological foundations. The exhibition bridges early Warlpiri desert painting and contemporary conceptual art both photographic and object-based. The exhibition title comes from the near-extinct Dharug language of the Eora people, the original custodians of the Sydney region. The people who spoke this language were the first Aboriginal people to encounter British colonists in the 18th Century and were the first to be dispossessed of their country, culture and mother tongue. Exhibited at The Commercial Gallery, Sydney  13/05/15 – 06/06/15

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